"Scattered Showers" by Bryce Herrington 21"x29" Watercolor on paper showing reflections on a rain washed street of old buildings.

Scattered Showers

Bryce Herrington

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Remaining over time
but anonymous to thought.
How can you be forgotten
if you were never remembered?

I loved the composition and feel of this scene. It had everything I wanted for a painting. Although the reference photos I took for this painting were shot on a brilliant summer day, I wanted a dismal, gray rainy day to convey the gloom of neglect over time.

The challenge was balance. I wanted to stretch the limits of the buildings and reflections to offset the linear composition. Charles Burchfield has always been a great influence on me. His anthropomorphic paintings were in my mind as I experimented with the buildings, and the entire scene, to project a human feeling, an expression, of sadness in objects not usually associated with those feelings.

This was a challenging piece for me, and I enjoyed working on this painting. I am proud of the result.