"Three Degrees" by Bryce Herrington 21"x29" Watercolor on paper. Depicts the stillness of a frigid winter morning. Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Signature Status Achievement Award 2012. Honorable Mention Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibition 2012

Three Degrees

Bryce Herrington

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Crisp. Clear. Cold.
Winter is dominant. It permeates all nature
And all nature must accept and adapt.
Meet your challenges with confidence.

I like everyday life. The ordinary things we see all the time. But we may miss the subtle beauty inherent in each of them. I try to convey that naturalness that is perfect unto itself in all we see. I also like a challenge when I paint, and this painting embodies both things.

I loved the composition of this scene. The angles all pointing skyward and the white houses along with the snow made this a supreme challenge to my abilities. A white on white painting is difficult in any media, but with watercolor it is very tricky, and I could afford no mistakes. I was confident, yet respectful of the medium. I was aggressive, yet careful. I wanted to convey the sharp, crisp cold of a clear winter morning, and the stillness that permeates before the normal activities of the day.

To see and read more about the creation of this painting, please visit my blog and see it unfold from start to finish.