About Bryce

Bryce Herrington

I’m in touch with my true self when I’m painting or drawing. Painting fine art challenges me to convey to the paper what I see and feel. When creating art, the feelings I have are equally important as the picture I have in my mind’s eye. If I were to paint what I see without experiencing any emotion for the scene, the finished painting would be flat and lifeless.

Inherent in the medium of watercolor is a constant tension between constraint and freedom, and it is up to me to use this tension to best fit my Impressionism-Realism style of painting. To me, the play of light and shadow amplify the subject matter of a painting, bringing life, character, and beauty. The changing effect of light upon shadow can transform the unnoticed into a perspective that demands my attention. I am fascinated when certain patterns and colors give an abstract quality to a realistic scene. I believe these qualities – artistic tension, light and shadow, pattern and color – are much more important to a successful painting than the choice of subject matter.

There are many beautiful things to see in our world. I feel that nothing is insignificant. Everything derives from the same source. I want to help people see details often overlooked – the way certain colors help to intensify light and textures, how buildings can reveal the spirit ofthe people who live and work in them. I want my artwork to stimulate the imaginations andmemories of the viewers.