Headin to the Dory with Jess

"Headin to the Dory with Jess" by Bryce Herrington 21"x29" Watercolor on paper shows the afternoon sun on neighborhood houses and streets.


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Headin to the Dory with Jess

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Moments in life.
Seemingly common
All are elevated to greatness
When I’m with Jess

The Dory is a place my daughter and I visit when I’m in town. It’s nothing special, but The Dory holds great significance to us because of the times we share there. Driving there, the street scenes may seem common and without much interest. But if you take the time and really look, you see wonderful shapes, patterns and colors.

To me nothing is ordinary. There is interest in all I see. I may not find subject matter for a painting all the time, but it is enough to see and observe all the subtle elements. This gives me a richness that transcends the common.

Like my time with Jess.