Full Moon

"Full Moon" by Bryce Herrington 21"x29" Watercolor on paper portrays the magical feeling of a full moon in winter.


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Full Moon

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Shadows at midnight
Compelling to behold.

I have always loved the full moon. No matter the season, but especially the winter. The light and shadows can be surreal. There is a special magic of being sheathed in such a strong light in the middle of the night.The scene was from my backyard and I sketched it as I sat at a window taking it all in. The silence enfolded me.I wanted to capture the feeling of the moment and also show a strong yin yang aspect.

Although a simple composition, the light was a formidable test of my perception and
ability. The goal was to convey a feeling, a sense of wonder and awe. I wanted to show, as best I could, my thoughts.