"Tuesday" by Bryce Herrington, 27"x21" – Private Collection, Oldsmar, Florida. Watercolor on paper shows the Pittsburgh skyline viewed from a Northside neighborhood.


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Each day
The extraordinary
Lies within the ordinary
Each day we move

I want the viewer to walk into and through my painting. I want to draw them in, to be immersed. What seems ordinary is extraordinary, perfect in itself. Simple yet complex. Subtle. I want you to notice this as you experience my art.

Pittsburgh is a great city for an artist with interests such as mine. I stress composition, movement and the interplay of shapes and light in my art, and this city offers a wealth of reference. The common buildings become fascinating shapes of color and light, perched precariously at the edge of the solidness of the city skyline. There is beauty everywhere. Each day as we move through commonality and repetitiveness, we should be aware of the wonderment of each moment, we should see clearly. That is where the extraordinary lies within the ordinary.