The Year of Change

"The Year of Change" by Bryce Herrington, watercolor on paper 28"x21" – Private Collection, Coraopolis, PA.


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The Year of Change

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Nighthawks call.
The storm is past.

The title and poem have many meanings for me. This was a painting that I needed to paint, not merely from an artistic perspective, but from an emotional and spiritual aspect too. This was a painting that came from within, something that I had to release and to express , and that outlet is through my art. I put as much mood and feeling into this work as I could draw from my soul. Art is a healing and solidifying process, deeply personal in its significance. Whether you create or appreciate art, it reaches your inner being.

But beyond those deep musings, this was a challenging painting in many ways. I specifically painted this piece with several layers of transparent washes to maximize the lighting and to achieve luminosity so that when viewed in different lighting, this painting changes with the light source, like it would be in real life.