Reflections on life: Now for the pond


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Reflections on life: Now for the pond

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I work into the closer trees on the right; these will establish the core of the reflections in the pond. On these trees, there is more detail in the branches, but I still need to keep it loose…back to careful randomness! I work fast here, spontaneity being the key. I’m using only Davy’s Gray and Indigo Blue now. I will use only four pigments throughout this painting; I am focusing on the subtle interplay ofthese colors to achieve the mood I want.
Winter scenes obviously do not have the endless variations of color and tone as say, a spring scene would have, but it is not that simple. The effect of the subdued winter light makes it extremely important to study and recognize the subtle variations it creates in the landscape, and use these to infuse the painting with life and feeling.
Keeping it simple, adding and subtracting as I feel, I move through this phase fairly quickly.
Reflections 3

Now for the pond. After blocking out the snowy edge of the pond with masking fluid, I wet the entire area to be painted twice; first with horizontal strokes, second with vertical strokes to prepare for a very fluid application of paint.

I establish the light which corresponds with the sky, and then build up progressively heavier washes of Cobalt and Indigo blue. The main objective for me at this stage is to make a seamless and smooth blending of the pigments to reflect the subtle tones of the sky.

The art of painting is like the art of cooking…you must know what individual elements are to be combined, and the proper amounts of each. You must always have the end result in mind, a perfect harmony of all elements. And this harmony depends on balance. You must not overpower one element, or it will dominate and ruin the end result. Conversely, you must not under apply an element, or it will be insignificant. Harmony and balance is true in all forms.